Allow me to present the REAL protag of The Cloud Factory: DAISY.

From here on out, The Cloud Factory will be retitled to The Cat Factory and will follow the daily activities of Daisy the cat, which include (but are not limited to): napping, sneaking food from the table, chasing dust motes, and getting stuck in trees.

Mondays are D&D days, so I thought it might be a nice day to share a collection of sketches I’ve been making of the party and plug my fellow players!

DM - C.M. Galdre (@cmgaldre)

Stonesunder - Me! (@lexxercise)

Wynrie - Meghan Stratman (@bunnypirates)

Auga - Cat Rocketship (@catrocketship)

Nelle - Nicole Gustafsson (@nimasprout)

If you’d like to learn more about our characters and the adventures we have, Galdre has set up a dedicated site for the campaign, Tombs Under Attinar. We’re using 3.5 as the basis for the rules, but the setting, races, and classes are all his original creations.

We are so spoiled.

Amethyst does not understand Together Breakfast.

Someone asked in a reblog why I draw Pearl with teal skin instead of peach, and it’s because that’s what color she was in the pilot!

I just find it more visually interesting that way.

Colored some twitter sketches from yesterday!

I love these ladies.


I’m never going to hear the end of this.