With all the moving hullabaloo, I almost forgot to announce my attendance at TCAF! Gonna be up on the second floor at table 223, and I’ll have my usual assortment of prints as well as limited copies of TCF Volume Zero, mini-print packs, and luna bee pins. COME SAY HI!!

Can’t make it to the show? You can grab post-Kickstarter swag here, or visit my print shop for everything else!

Miss out on the Kickstarter? Want one of those SWEET BEE PINS?? Remedy these ailments and more at the TCF Kickstarter Swag Shop where you can buy stuff like:

Volume Zero: First Edition

Part primer, part art book, Volume Zero introduces you to the world and characters of The Cloud Factory. This 36 page book features full color printing, soft touch laminate finish, gold foil stamping, and a first edition exclusive cover illustration.

Limited Quantity: 300

Luna Bee Lapel Pin

A 1” diameter cloisonne pin with an antique brass finish and blue enameled details, perfect for suit jackets and convention lanyards alike.

Mini-Print Pack

Five 5 x 7 matte finish prints featuring:

  • Cameo portrait of Théo
  • Cameo portrait of Molly
  • Formal portrait of the Na’Melorras
  • Daisy (Most Important Character)
  • Vintage Rivervale postcard

Limited Quantity: 40

TCF Bonus Bundle

The TCF Bonus Bundle includes the following:

  • One copy of Volume Zero
  • One mini-print pack (5 prints)
  • One luna bee lapel pin
  • BUNDLE ONLY Sticker sheet
  • BUNDLE ONLY Bookmark
  • BUNDLE ONLY Daisy button

Limited Quantity: 75

Orders are slated to start shipping in June once KS fulfillment is complete, but some items have very limited quantities so grab them while you can!

CONGRATULATIONS LEXI! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU. If you’re not able to come to gencon anymore I’m going to miss you, but I’m so happy you were able to get this job! You go and rock!

Thank you!! And don’t fret, I’ve already got a table for this year and don’t plan on stopping B)

On Thursday, those of you who follow me on twitter may have noticed my casual announcement that I am finally MOVING TO SEATTLE. Hilariously, no one asked why. I think the general assumption was that it was just something I’ve been wanting to do anyway, which is true, or that it was to be closer to my Strip Search & Penny Arcade friends, which is also true.


I have recently accepted a full-time position as an illustrator at Motiga alongside a team of insanely talented games industry veterans to work on a super awesome (and super secret) PC game. It’s my ultimate dream job, and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that this is a real thing that is actually happening, but it is! And I start on Monday!! EXCITED YELLING!!!

Yeah, okay Lexxy, that’s cool and all and video games are pretty great or whatever I guess, but what does this mean for The Cloud Factory? Worry not, for TCF will be resuming as planned after Kickstarter fulfillment (which is in its final stages!) is complete.



Hey there, con-goers! I’ll be tabling with some of my fellow Strippers at PAX East next weekend, so come find me in Bandland for:

  • Art Prints!
  • Sketches for Tips!
  • Preview of TCF Vol. 0!
  • Strip Search Pins!
  • Shitty Selfies!
  • Overexcited Conversation!

As much as I’d love to sell the Volume Zero books this time around, we’re still shipping to Kickstarter backers, so they won’t be available for purchase until all rewards have hit the mail. BUT, I’ll definitely have a few sample copies with me for peeps to leaf through.

You have to touch these books, the finish on the cover is STUPID NICE.

See you there!



its my old friend lexxercise's birthday so heres a little jrpg music adventure starring her! go wish her a happy birthday!


Time to go on adventures!!

In light of the recent influx of questions I’ve received after posting my brush settings (where I got my copy of SAI, where I went to school, what equipment I use, etc), I’ve updated my FAQ page!

If you have an art-related question for me that hasn’t been answered in the FAQ yet, feel free to shoot me an ask.

I’ve been getting a lot of asks lately about the brushes and textures I use in my work, so here’s a BIG FAT REFERENCE POST for those of you who were curious! Bear in mind that I’m really lazy and don’t know what half the settings do, so don’t be afraid to experiment to figure out what works best for you :>



I use the pencil tool with SAI’s native paper texture both for sketching and for applying opaque color with no blending. Lower opacities give it the feel of different pencil hardnesses, while full opacity makes it more like a palette knife, laying down hard-edged, heavy color for detail work or eventual blending with other brushes.

Ink Pen

Mostly made this because I’m lazy and I didn’t want to have to keep turning my textures off/opacity up when I wanted to ink something (even though I don’t do it very often), or lay down flat colors. I find the line quality to be much more crisp than Photoshop, and you can manually adjust in-program stabilization to help smooth out hand wobbles.

Round Brush

The plain ol’ brush tool acts as sort of an in-between for me in terms of brush flow. It’s heavier than my usual workhorse brush, for faster color application and rough blending, but not as heavy as the pencil tool, which has no blending at all. I like to use the canvas texture on this brush to help break up the unnatural smoothness that usually accompanies digital brushes, but it works just fine without.

Flat Brush

A brush tool set to flat bristle is by far my favorite to paint with. I don’t use any textures with it because I think the shape of the brush provides enough of that by itself. I use it for everything from rough washes to more refined shaping and polish. It’s just GREAT.


Best used for smooth blending, washes, gradients, and smoky atmospheric effects.


Basically a grittier version of the watercolor tool, because too much smoothness weird me out. Good for clouds and fog, as the name suggests, or just less boring gradient fills.


To further stave off the artificially smooth look of digital painting, I almost always overlay some sort of paper texture, and it’s almost always this one, which I scanned and edited myself. You’re all welcome to use it, no permission required!

Using overlays in SAI is just as easy as using them in Photoshop. Just paste the texture into its own layer above everything you want it to apply to, and change the layer mode to Overlay. That’s it!

Want a more prominent texture? Up the contrast. Something more subtle? Lower the contrast or reduce the layer opacity. You can also use a tinted overlay to adjust the overall palette and bring a little more color unity to an otherwise disparate piece! Just be aware that too much texture can hurt the readability of the work beneath it, so I’d err on the side of subtlety.

Hope that helps!


If you’ve ever wondered what my work looks like at 100%, this is it! I usually work zoomed out by at least 50%, so the up-close brushwork is nice and messy.

(full-view for actual size // original piece)