Amethyst does not understand Together Breakfast.

Someone asked in a reblog why I draw Pearl with teal skin instead of peach, and it’s because that’s what color she was in the pilot!

I just find it more visually interesting that way.

Colored some twitter sketches from yesterday!

I love these ladies.


I’m never going to hear the end of this.


Sorry fellas, these ladies are already engaged….


twitter sketches from yesterdayyyy

I’m curious, did you intend on Wall-E being androgynous as well? They seem substantially less so than Eve.

Not really, I just wanted to see a less feminized Eve and the Wall-E just kind of showed up while I was sketching. It’d be fun to push Wall-E’s design, though. See if I can come up with something more ambiguously gendered while maintaining the boxy motif.

I’m about 5 years too late to the party, in spite of it being my favorite Pixar movie, but Wall-E was on TV last night and I really wanted to draw an androgynous Eve. Because robots.