I haven’t been able to draw for several days on account of moving three states away, so I had a doodlestream to try to get back in the swing of things! It’s amazing how fast you can fall out of practice.

For those who missed the stream: the Annies and bearded bear were by request, Théo is jealous because he won’t be able to grow a beard for at least another five years, boobs are basically butts, and I can’t write a nice looking capital S in cursive to save my life.

i’m moving this weekend and

There’s a meme floating around to dress your favorite snk character in your current outfit, but I’m too lazy to find it, so this gets its own post I guess. Lookin good there, Heichou!

Bonus No-Scarf Edition, because collarbones:

Haven’t been able to post much lately due to project work and getting TCF Volume Zero out the door, so here’s an old commission I finished back in July! I was really busy then, too, and must have forgotten to post it.

Almost makes me want to play WoW again.



THE LAST HALLOWEEN IS LIVE! I am the most excited person in the world. I hope everyone likes the first update. I had to draw a lot of cars and I hate drawing cars, but I suppose I must suffer for my art.

I can’t even put into words how happy I am to finally be sharing my stories with real, actual human beings. This is the job I always wanted!