Another assignment finished! This one will be one of five up for vote for the Savannah Rock and Roll Marathon, which is a combination marathon-and-a-half and music festival. It’s for my Illustration for Publications class, the projects for which are actual client work. The winning artwork will go on this year’s promotional materials.

Since it’s a national marathon series, I wanted to draw something unique to the city. Many of my classmates had the same idea, but no one chose to do anything with the Forsyth Fountain, which decorates the marathon medals. SO, I drew an approximation of the statue atop the fountain, keeping her sash and pose, but replacing her robes with running gear, and her staff with a guitar like the one in the logo.

As far as I’m aware, it’s a public vote that will be held over Facebook on Monday (Oct 17th). If that’s the case, I’ll post the link when it goes up; the winner not only gets their design used, but they get a free booth at the event! And that would be pretty awesome :>