Lexxy’s End of Act 5 Assets PART ONE!

I decided to break up my work for the flash into two parts, since cramming everything into one would’ve made for a photo set twice this size and I don’t think that would load nicely or look very nice.


I’ll kick things off with my first and finest contribution: Godtier Jade! Andrew was kind enough to leave the design of her new outfit up to me, so I started with one that was really close to an old sketch I started and it just kind of evolved from there as I got more feedback. I wish I could take credit for the ruby slippers idea (that was all Andrew), but the striped socks were what gave him the idea in the first place, so the Wizard of Oz homage was a joint effort.

You’ll notice she does not, in fact, have a tail. Andrew didn’t want to take the dog influence quite that far, so she’s just a human girl with cute, fluffy dog ears. That doesn’t mean you can’t draw her that way though! I’ve seen a few fanarts that included one, and it’s really cute!

My favorite iteration of her outfit is #5 with the cropped tunic, which is the way I’m going to draw it from here on out (outside of the comic). We ended up going with number 3 because there was more precedent for a longer tunic, but given the other two kids’ designs, I think that much variation in length could have worked! Still, I’m very happy with the way her design turned out, and so is the fandom judging by all the feedback I’ve seen! I have so many adorable Godtier Jade fanarts to my MSPA folder today it’s unreal <3

Anyway, once the final design was settled upon, I got to work on the digital painting. Andrew wanted it to be a really dramatic reveal, so I went all out with a hand-painted background (based off a portion of the Eagle nebula) and dramatic lighting, ultimately resulting in the first image you see. It took me a long time to finish, though, which meant rushing through my other assets, but I think it was worth it.

And speaking of my other assets, stay tuned for Part Two!