For whatever good it will do, I have created a petition on the Gaia Online forums to get the Homestuck-related items removed. Though the likelihood of this happening is slim to none, my primary objective is to spread awareness and hopefully attract the attention of a staffmember who is in the position to open a dialogue between Andrew and Gaia.

If you have a Gaia Online account, and you’re a fan of Homestuck, please show Andrew your respect and appreciation by contributing to the petition thread.

Thanks <3

(edit: Please read the first two posts in the thread for further instructions!)

(edit 2: It’s worth reiterating that I have since refined the ultimate aim of this petition to securing the contact info necessary to get in touch with the right people over at Gaia, as actually removing the items is both infeasible and punishes the users more than the company. If item removal DOES happen, it will be by a decision reached by the parties involved.

Addendum: I’ve stopped waffling on this point. The revised OP has returned to its original stance, but with much greater detail and care of explanation.)

(edit 3: The thread has gotten so much attention that I can’t keep up with it! Your outpouring of support in this has been wonderful, but I’ve deactivated the links for now. You can still find the petition if you go to the petition subforum of the feedback section, but I’d like things to calm down a bit. There have been some unfortunate clashes between Homestucks and Gaians, which is not what we want!

So please, if you visit Gaia to weigh in on this issue, be polite and civil to others so it reflects well on the community <3)