Because I literally have no projects in progress right now that I am legally allowed to share, I’m going to post a couple rough works in progress and talk about them a little bit. I just… need to get some art on this blog!

The first one is a sort of revisitation of a piece I did back in 2009. The old one was one of my first attempts at doing something other than a character floating in white space, and I am both very proud of making it over that hurdle, and very proud of the piece in general. BUT, I found it pretty boring, overall. Pretty to look at, maybe, but not compositionally interesting and completely lacking in narrative.

If there’s one thing I learned during my brief stint at SCAD, it’s that I am a narrative illustrator.

So I took some inspiration from one of my favorite artists, Loish, and came up with a new approach, with the lady rising to the surface of the murky depths of a lake.

The second WIP was inspired by watching Disney’s Peter Pan over the holidays with my littlest brother (10), who had never seen it before. I was so inspired by the vibrant palette and lush environments that I couldn’t help but attempt a vista with the Darling children.

I’d love to finish these for convention season, but commissions come first! I’m hoping to get everything on my plate squared away this month so I can focus more on personal projects and start streaming again!