SkepticArcher and I are exhibiting at Otakon next weekend!

We’ll be offering a selection of art prints, plushies, buttons, charms, and other awesome swag, and if you have any of our Homestuck prints from What Pumpkin, feel free to bring them along; we’d be more than happy to sign them for you! Just come visit us at tables U03 and U04 in the Artist’s Alley.

Both of us are set up with Square card readers, so we can take credit/debit as well as cash.

Hope to see you there!

Friendly reminder before people depart for Baltimore! I also got a few requests for print inventory, so here’s a rundown of all the prints I’ll have in each size:

Mini Prints (5 x 7)

Regular Prints (8 x 12)

The Sailor Moon print has a question mark on it because it’s not actually finished yet and I may not have it done in time for the convention. Sorry! Everything else is already printed, sleeved, and ready to go.

Mini Posters (12 x 18)

Large Posters (20 x 30)

Homestuck Prints

I don’t have Homestuck prints broken down by size because it’s basically a random assortment of leftovers. I only have a few left of each, after which they will be available exclusively through the official What Pumpkin store.


I will also have my usual assortment of potion charms, d20 jewelry, and rpg buttons, and will be offering special con exclusive deals for multi-print purchases!

I think that about covers everything. Safe travels, and see you all on Friday!