The Homestuck Tarot Deck was just revealed in the new kickstarter reward tier! It was put together almost a year ago, which was an especially busy time for me, so I was only able to contribute the one, but I’m so proud to have participated in such a gorgeous group effort.

In case you’re wondering who was involved in its creation:


Hey everyone thank you all so much for being excited about the Homestuck Tarot Deck (Available now through the Homestuck Kickstarter Project!) A lot of work went into making this dream a reality so if you guys have a chance to help support the artists and the kickstarter as a whole, please do try!

I thought I’d put out a list of the artists who joined me on this project so they all get the credit they deserve! Everyone was so helpful and enthusiastic and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with.

  • Lexxy  Six of Wands 
  • Bendieci  Four of Wands, Nine of Pentacles, Ten of Swords 
  • Andrew Hussie  Ace of Swords 
  • Blue  Four of Swords 
  • Potato  Two of Wands, Seven of Cups, XVII: The Star  
  • Chaz  Ten of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles 
  • Dobie  King of Cups, XVI: The Tower 
  • Drex  XIX: The Sun
  • Emi  Four of Cups, Seven of Pentacles; Page of Wands; XVIII: The Moon
  • Emlan  Three of Cups; Eight of Wands 
  • Minty  IX: The Hermit, X: Wheel of Fortune 
  • Jay  Two of Cups 
  • Jenn  Three of Wands, Five of Cups, VI: The Lovers 
  • Jessie Wong  II: The High Priestess  
  • John  Nine of Cups, Page of Swords  
  • Jonathan Griffiths  XIII: Death  
  • Jones N. Wiedle  Five of Pentacles, Ten of Wands, I: The Magician 
  • Kiddy  King of Swords, King of Wands  
  • Kristin  Eight of Swords, Ten of Cups, Page of Cups 
  • Kyanne  Page of Pentacles 
  • Leslie/alt - Three of Pentacles, XII: The Hanged Man 
  • Lina  Ace of Pentacles 
  • Magnolia Porter  IV: The Emperor  
  • Marcia/alt  Six of Swords, XI: Strength
  • Ren/alt  Nine of Wands, XXI: The World
  • Mari  Three of Swords 
  • Mams  Four of Pentacles, Knight of Wands, V: The Hierophant
  • Laz  Ace of Cups, XX: Judgement
  • Deers  Two of Pentacles, Knight of Cups  
  • Pao  Five of Wands, Knight of Pentacles, XIV: Temperance 
  • Purka  Six of Cups 
  • Rachael Cohen  Queen of Cups  
  • Shad  Five of Swords, XV: The Devil 
  • Shalala  Two of Swords, Seven of Swords  
  • Shelby  Seven of Wands, Eight of Cups  
  • Siins  Six of Pentacles, Nine of Swords, King of Pentacles, VII: Chariot 
  • Me!!  Knight of Swords, 0: The Fool  
  • Kingkaiser  Queen of Swords, VII: Justice  
  • Zilon  Ace of Wands, Queen of Wands, III: Empress, Card Backs, Borders, and Box