Check out my album Re:flectioNout now!

Featuring 40 (yeah! forty!) great tracks for just $4 US(though you can pay more if you want ~wink~) there’s something for everyone! Each track is available for individual purchase as well! Re:flectioN is a collection of tracks I’ve posted here on tumblr with a few upgrades here and there for your listening enjoyment! There are some you might recognize, and others maybe you haven’t heard before

A special thank you to my good friend Maf, for providing the cover! (If you aren’t following him you should be!)

My friend James just released another album! It’s worth it for the song titles alone, but this is an amazing compilation of great music in a variety of genres on top of that, all for the price of a grande latte. Forty songs is a lot to take in, but if you need a place to start, a few of my favorites are First (ok well maybe not the first), What I’m Saying, impressed, haha whaaaaat, and the title track Re:flectioN.

James has also been composing incredible music for my comic. Check him out!