I’m pleased to announce that I’ve set up a shop at society6!

Society6 is a service that prints artists’ works to a variety of products that would otherwise be difficult for the artists to create and sell themselves, like throw pillows and iphone cases. I know there are many similar services out there, but it seems to be much more tastefully curated, and boasts many positive testimonials to the quality of its products.

The above images are just a sampling of what I currently offer through society6. Each piece of art posted has several products attached to it, so check em out! Also, if you place an order from now through Sunday, they’re offering free worldwide shipping! That’s pretty baller.

(I think stretched canvases, framed prints, and pillows with inserts are excluded from the deal, so read the fine print before committing.)

I’ll be running my society6 shop in addition to my existing store, so if you’re looking for my usual product offerings, you can still find them here.