Episode 6 of Strip Search: In which everyone is made very uncomfortable.

I had actually queued this up to go up in the middle of the day (while I was asleep), but I’m glad I didn’t because I think it merits a bit of explanation. Kathleen, one of the show’s producers, had this to say about it on twitter:

Strip Search viewers! AJ, aka @Joygirl007 was an ultra champ. And I’m about to tell you why!

Interviews can be really hard. Reporters can have secret agendas, be really uninformed, or just not interested in your stuff.

The point of today’s challenge was to put the artists in a “worst case scenario” interview, and we asked AJ to do that.

But why were we so mean? 1. A safe, normal interview won’t help you deal with bad reporters or bad, unfair questions.

2. A safe, normal interview would have been boring to watch. you expect this show to be entertaining.

99% of the interviews [for] the artists won’t be like that. But now they’ve got the tools & feedback to help them in that rare scenario.

It’s also worth reminding people that this show is PG-13, and Erika’s interview is NSFW, so be mindful of who’s around when you view it.

Thanks for watching!