That’s right, folks! I am OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS. You want me to draw you something super kawaii? I CAN DO THAT. Do you want something hilarious? THAT IS PERFECT BECAUSE I ALSO CAN DO THAT. Do you want something a little more illustrative? WELL GUESS WHAT I DO THAT TOO. I can do whatever you want, baby.

I have seven slots for 4.5 x 4.5in social icons at $35 each. Example!

I have seven slots for a 7 x 8.5in black and white character drawing at $65 each, meaning a creature/character/animal etc of your choosing with no background. Example! Example

I have seven slots for a 7 x 8.5in color character drawing at $90 each. Example! Example!

Contact me via tumblr or email, at abby.howard.art@gmail.com

Fair warning: If you ask me for porn I will troll you. By this I mean I will draw the most heinous, disgusting porn that my sick imagination can dream up. And I will take your money.

Can’t afford this ridiculous bullshit? Maybe there’s something a little cheaper in my store! You can still help contribute to me being alive as well as not living with my parents.

Man, who would even want an Abby commission???

Oh wait. EVERYONE.