Life Beyond the Clouds: Kickstarting The Cloud Factory

A printed collection of concept art and comic pages from Lexxy’s upcoming fantasy adventure webcomic, The Cloud Factory.

After many months of deliberation and work, I’m excited to announce my first Kickstarter! The project goal is a high quality, soft cover, 6” x 9” art book, which will include at least four complete comic pages, by July 1st, 2013. This Volume Zero book will contain 32 full-color pages, and all the comic pages completed for it will be available to read at launch on

As with any good Kickstarter, I’ve got some pretty sweet backer incentives lined up. Even the lowest reward tiers get you a PDF of Volume Zero, as well as other digital swag like official TCF music and wallpapers. Physical rewards include a copy of the book, prints, limited edition book plates, and artist edition books (plus some mysterious stretch goal unlockables), while the truly daring can back more influentially by naming in-comic features and making cameo appearances!

Backing this project will not only get a nice art book into your hands, but it will help facilitate the release of over two years’ worth of work for everyone to read! Please, help me share my story with you :>