In case you missed the announcement on Saturday, I’ve launched a PayPal-friendly shop for those who weren’t able to to pledge through Kickstarter but still wanted to back the project!


Quantities of all rewards tiers from $100 down (excluding the early-bird tier)  are available, including the two leftover $500 tier spots. These come with everything unlocked through stretch goals, just like their Kickstarter counterparts.

Paypal vs Kickstarter

I’ve set up the shop so that it functions as similarly to Kickstarter as possible, but there are some unavoidable differences.

For one, you can add multiple reward tiers to your cart. This is perfectly fine, except where limited edition rewards are involved. In the spirit of fairness, I will only be allowing one Collector, Archivist, Patron, or Citizen tier per person, so please don’t add more than one of these to your cart. If you’d like to get more than one Storyteller, Minstrel, Librarian, or Herald tier (as a gift, or on behalf of someone else), you’re good to go!

I also won’t be able to deliver backer-exclusive updates or download links through Kickstarter to non-KS backers, but don’t worry! I will e-mail these to you directly instead, through the addresses provided by PayPal. If you would prefer these things be sent to a different e-mail, contact me through the contact form on the shop with your PayPal e-mail and transaction number and I’ll make sure they go to the right place!

Other differences include international shipping being added automatically to your order at check-out (convenient!), and an inability to pledge more than is set for each tier (inconsequential), but no major game changers.

Remaining Stretch Goals

As mentioned before, any funds received through the PayPal shop will go towards the grand total for the purposes of reaching stretch goals! I’ll post a status report for this on Friday, or if the next stretch goal is reached, whichever comes first.

In project news, work has already started on fulfillment! I’m making the final preparations on the button designs to send to the vendor (though I need to wait to see if the next stretch goal is reached to send the order out), I’ve started on the new art to be created for the bookmarks, wallpaper, and limited edition print, and the production schedule and order volume breakdown have almost been finalized.

Also, thanks to the excess funding, I’ll be able to hire one of my friends, who is a skilled graphic designer, to help me with the book layout and website so I can focus on preparing the comic for launch! I’ve got seven pages to illustrate for you fine folk, so the more I can delegate, the better.

As always, thank you so much for making this possible!