Time to Go

So much has happened since I returned to the show, both on and off the air. Contentious as it was, I was extremely grateful for the second chance. I got to prove myself on the elimination stage with Dino Rollers, enjoyed five more days of challenges, and was bested by a worthy foe. I had a good run, an incredible run, and I had no regrets as I joined the honorable Company of the Fallen.

If you like the work I did on Strip Search, you can get prints of all my original elimination comics (as well as Dino Roller tees and hoodies) from my society6 shop!

The Kickstarter

This was already in the works when I wrote my first farewell, though the timing was largely coincidental. There has been a fair bit of speculation surrounding it as to who was responsible for the idea and whether or not it was an indicator I hadn’t won, and I’m happy I can lay these questions to rest now!

1) After the show, we were encouraged to leverage the boost in exposure as much as we could. My initial plan was to get my comic up and running by the time the show started airing, but nothing had happened to solve my freelance conundrum yet, and I had taken almost two weeks off work for filming, so I went broke almost immediately. Back to contract work for me.

While I caught up on work, my parents basically did a SWOT analysis of my business and mom suggested I run a Kickstarter while the show was airing. We’d discussed it before, maybe a year or so ago, and I was resistant at the time; I felt like ‘starting my comic’ wasn’t an appropriate use of the tool, and wanted to wait until I had a book’s worth of content. BUT, after a year of doing concept art and worldbuilding in between projects, I realized I had more than enough material to work with, and could combine that with the beginning of my comic to make a primer. Strip Search was already in full swing at this point, and I wanted to act while it was still at its peak, so I threw it together in about a week and a half, ran it by George Rohac for advice, got Khoo’s blessing, and launched.

2) $15,000 is a really sweet prize, but as some have already observed, it isn’t much to live on. Even if I had won, I would have likely had to continue to rely heavily on commissions to supplement my income, so there’s a good chance I would have launched the Kickstarter anyway.

The Cloud Factory

Thanks to the success of the Kickstarter, I can afford to focus on The Cloud Factory full-time for the next year! As I’ve mentioned before, this is something I didn’t think I’d be able to do for at least another couple years, so I’m VERY EXCITED.

For those of you who are new to my work, you can learn more about TCF here, and the official site should go up shortly before launch at cloudfactorycomics.com! The first seven pages will be available to read online for free on July 1st, and will update on a regular schedule (TBA) until the story is finished.

Thank You

Thank you so much for watching the show, and cheering us on, and supporting all of the contestants’ work. Penny Arcade’s efforts have allowed us to reach audiences faster than we could ever hope to ourselves, and you have affected our lives in a very real, tangible way by sharing in the experience.

As the show wraps up, I hope you’ll keep watching and cheer on the final three!