Updated post with new information can be found here.

I’m only doing a couple conventions this year, but they’re COMIN’ UP REAL FAST! Some details are pending, but here’s the important stuff:


Guess who’s exhibiting at GenCon again this yearrrr HINT: IT’S ME!! As usual, the individual artist spaces aren’t shown on the exhibit hall map, but you should be able to find me in the Art Show section pretty easily. I’ll have some promotional swag for The Cloud Factory, as well as the usual prints and pretties, and will be doing convention sketches until 10am on Thursday morning for the early birds! Yeah!!

Also, if you’re into the indie gaming scene, my brother is running events for his tactical RPG, Collision, Thursday through Saturday from 1pm-7pm! The first half of each session will be the main event, followed by pickup games during the second half, and there will be prizes~!

PAX Prime

The Strip Search cast will be making their first post-season group appearance at Prime this year! We’ll have dedicated table space in the Bandland area (with possible goodies???), and the Strip Search Mega Panel is currently scheduled for Sunday on the Main Stage (Paramount Theatre) from 3:30 to 5:30pm.

If you don’t know what I’m on about with all this questionable-sounding Strip Search stuff, don’t fret; it’s not actually about getting strip searched. It’s a competition¬≠-style reality show for webcomic strip artists by the folks at Penny Arcade, and you can watch the whole first season for free right here! It challenges a lot of stereotypical reality show standards, so even if reality shows aren’t generally your cup of tea, I highly recommend you give it a try.

Whichever convention you end up meeting me at, pls bring your 3DS so I can Street Pass you, especially if you have Animal Crossing #thank