I’ve gotten my hands on some updated information for the conventions I’ll be attending this month and streamlined it a bit. You can read the original post here!


I’ll be exhibiting in the artists alley again this year! They don’t show individual booths in that area, but you’ll be able to find me in the Art Show section of the exhibit hall map. I’ll have promotional swag for The Cloud Factory, a selection of new and classic prints, and will be doing convention sketches until 10am on Thursday!

My brother is also running events for his tactical RPG, Collision, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Follow those links to log in to your GenCon account and learn more about the events, and be sure to register in advance to reserve your spot!

PAX Prime

Schedule information has now been posted for the Strip Search Reunion Superpanel! It will be in the Main Theater on Sunday from 3:30 - 5:30pm, and we’ll be screening never before seen footage from the show, as well as taking questions from the audience.

Even if you can’t make the panel, we’ll have an official booth in the Bandland area just outside the main exhibition hall, and may or may not have some sweet swag for your perusal. If you’ve never heard of Strip Search, you can learn more about it and watch the entire show for free right here!

8/10 Update: If you’d like to know what prints I’ll have at my tables this year, check out my visual menu!